13 Departments, Colombia




Justice Assistance Mobile Unit

PADF is working with the Ministry of Justice and Rights of Colombia to carry out a nine-month long initiative that will create transitional justice mechanisms and strengthen existing coordination among government institutions in order to better provide guidance, assistance, and support to victims of Colombia’s ongoing armed conflict, as well as promote processes that contribute to reconciliation with support from civil society. 

Using a mobile unit that travels to different priority locations in Colombia, the program can attend to local needs by providing guidance, assistance, and care to victims of the armed conflict through rehabilitation and psychosocial support, institutional coordination to provide access to the justice system, as well as reconciliation and social reinsertion support. 

The program focuses on three main priorities:

  • Priority 1
    • Rehabilitation and psychosocial support to victims of violence of the armed conflict
  • Priority 2
    • Institutional strengthening to improve the design, implementation, and follow-up of transitional justice mechanisms and coordination among institutions
    • Reinsertion of individuals applying for benefits under Colombia’s law and peace law
    • Reconciliation learning
  • Priority 3
    • Guidance, assistance and attention to victims of the armed conflict
    • Institutional coordination to provide victims better access to the justice system
    • Access to the justice system for women who have been victims of sexual violence

Tolima, Atlántico, Cesar, Chocó, Cundinamarca, Risaralda, Casanare, Meta, Antioquia, Santander, Valle del Cauca, Norte de Santander, Bogotá, D.C,